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Contact us by writing to Steve (admin) at steve@gironagrapevine.es


About Girona Grapevine

Girona Grapevine started in 1999 as a group of mothers with children and then I think it split into two and part of that became what it is now: a weekly coffee morning for English-speakers. And because it is during the day, it attracts many expats who are retired. But then lots of other people found us on the internet and came along to say "hello".

There was a time, when someone joined Girona Grapevine, they were asked for a one-off payment of €10 but now the costs of running the group are covered by advertising and therefore membership is free.

So, what defines a Girona Grapevine member is simply to be on our email list. That is all we ask. And currently that stands at around 100 members. Some are not able to come regularly to coffee, but all the same, they are members. And their opinion is important.

Steve Brown - 25 March 2018


A WhatsApp Group

I invite you to the official Girona Grapevine WhatsApp group! There already exists a WhatsApp group called “Wed morning coffee” but it has nothing to do with Girona Grapevine although its 11 members are also GG members, that is true.

But it was created around the end of January when I was away and Girona Grapevine had effectively ceased to exist and was meeting as “Chit Chat” in a Meetup group. As GG Organiser, I had no knowledge of it till recently. Having got over the shock, little by little, I am restoring Girona Grapevine to its rightful owner. I have an 18 year tradition behind me so it is not something I would give up easily.  And I have lots of new ideas for the group if I succeed. But I am not Admin of “Wed morning coffee” and what is more, the current Admin has blocked me from the group. So I have no idea about what is said there.  I have made diplomatic attempts simply to change to name to Girona Grapevine and give me access as an admin but this has been met with a refusal in fairly strong terms!

So my only solution is to create a new (official) WhatsApp group and ask (plead!) for your loyalty to Girona Grapevine and its current Organiser by moving to this new group. For me, the stakes are high because if I fail, then it is rather like a failed vote of confidence in the UK Parliament. I don’t know what I will do.

There will be another difference between my new official WhatsApp group and "Wed morning coffee". When there is a discussion which involves members who have chosen not to join the WhatsApp group, I will make it available to them also while maintaining the privacy of the source. So you won't be missing anything by not joining!

Please put your confidence in me and I will put all my energy into making Girona Grapevine great again. I borrowed that from Donald Trump. It is important to retain a sense of humour at all times! But seriously, we need new members and I know what to do about that! It involves spending money but we have advertisers who help us financially. Steve