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We've included here copies of blog posts from the old website but we now use the Facebook Page for posts. It has been very crudely copied across from the old website so there are a few missing links!

A week ago, a financial seminar run by Canovas was planned at Hotel Carlemany but it was later cancelled so I removed it from this blog. What I should have done was also write a post to say it had been cancelled, so apologies to those who went looking for it. But I just received this from Joanna Burdzinska who was organising the event together with Chris Burke in Barcelona.... In reference to our seminar, we would like to come back with it and I think that it's better to prepare it in October-November. In June a lot of people were on holidays and we hadn't enough clients/potential clients who could come this time. I will let you know. I also could do some "chat" about the Spanish Taxation on your Meetup, if you think that it's good idea. If you consider that people would be interested in it, just let me know. If you like the idea of an informal meeting, then write to the usual email address or write a comment here. Or you can write directly to Joanna at Canovas (one of our advertisers also!)


Girona Grapevine member, Beverley has written..... INTERNATIONAL DINNER CLUB, GIRONA FOR SINGLES AGE 45+ International Dinner Club, Girona is a social networking club for singles age 45 + to meet other singles who enjoy dining out in the many wonderful restaurants we have in Girona. If you are looking for an enjoyable evening out, to share a dinner together in a relaxed environment and make new friends, this is the group for you. We will be organising a dinner fortnightly, and maybe a lunch occasionally on a Sunday, depending on demand. Please encourage your single friends to sign up. We need YOU to make this group a success and look forward to meeting you. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Best wishes, Beverley


Here's some useful information for any ladies living in Girona or on the Costa Brava who have trouble finding shoes that fit. You may just be interested in this! Just to flag up a gorgeous new shoe shop in Girona that sells shoes for women in regular sizes and up to size 9/10 (UK sizes)/45 (Spanish size). Even my size 8 is hard to find anywhere in Spain and until now bought all my footwear back in the UK. However, airline weight restrictions make it difficult and sometimes it's a long time between visits. Don't like buying shoes on line because I need to try them on before I purchase. Problem solved. There is a beautiful range of shoes/boots. They're not the cheapest in town (a cross to bear when you have big feet!) but you would probably pay the same for this quality in the UK. The sale is just coming to an end for this season so catch it if you can before the summer collection arrives. Silvia, the owner, is very helpful and speaks some English. I'm finally able to buy lovely shoes here in Girona which makes me very happy; but not my husband ;) The shop is not far from Girona Station and the details are: BIG SHOES Placa Miquel de Planol, 3, 17001 Tel: 626 202787 www.bigshoesgirona.com bigshoesgirona@hotmail.com

Good day to you!

We are an English-speaking Anglican church in the Bonanova area of Barcelona. We have over 30 different nationalities represented among our members, including local worshipers, and we come from all walks of life.<a href="http://www.gironagrapevine.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/logo-st-georges.jpg"><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-2931" src="http://www.gironagrapevine.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/logo-st-georges.jpg" alt="logo-st-georges" width="207" height="61" /></a>

Our church is involved in the local community and in the wider Barcelona area in a number of ways which include:
<li>Fundraising activities such as community fairs (Clothes, Summer and Christmas) to support ourselves and our community projects.</li>
<li>Support for international students and families in Barcelona.</li>
<li>Support for the poor in the wider Barcelona area.</li>
Also remember that we will have our super <strong>Summer Fair</strong> on <strong>Saturday, 13<sup>th</sup> June</strong> between <strong>12noon and 4pm</strong>.

If you are interested in collaborating with us in any way, please contact us by <a href="mailto:info@st-georges-church.com">responding by email,</a> or calling us on 93 417 8867, or via our website: <a href="http://www.st-georges-church.com%20 ">www.st-georges-church.com</a>



My friend, Elisabet would just like to let everybody know about her new cake shop and cafè. You must try the cakes “les coques” they are so good!!!

<< Click on the image to see the full-size poster.



Just a quick reminder that, if you are a member of Girona Grapevine, you can obtain a subscription to Catalonia Today at a reduced rate of €18 a year. It is produced by the same company as El Punt Avui+.

To subscribe, go to this link. It doesn't actually mention Girona Grapevine but select one of the €18 options such as U3A and explain later that you are a member of Girona Grapevine and you will be warmly welcomed!



Feb 2014: Here is the latest newsletter from the British Consulate. I hope you find it of interest!  -  Steve


Simon McDonnell has written....

I thought I’d tell you about my partner Eva’s new business venture  - a haberdashery called El Teler located in the Old Town.

Eva stocks a large range of fabrics for people interested in making clothes and to my eye they are very competitively priced. Eva sells items she makes in the shop with her fabrics, at the moment her beach bags are running out the door and kids dresses are also popular!

There are also all the bits and bobs you’d expect – zips, threads, scissors, etc. Eva also runs workshops where she teaches people how to make which bags, dresses, etc.

Finally she speaks fluent English!

El Teler is located on Carrer Mercaders, 15 (next door to Mon Oncle bar / restaurant).

Here is a link to the Facebook page


I've been helping Girona Grapevine friends Elyn Aviva and Gary White put details about their new book, Where Heaven and Earth Unite, on their website so I thought I'd tell you about it too. They call it "a labor of love"!

The link to their website is www.powerfulplaces.com


I am sure some of you will remember those three-time ex-pats Tom Lichty and Louise Lague from Portland, Oregon. They sold up everything, packed the proverbial suitcase and decided to travel the world. They spent 3 months in Girona and came to coffee at La Farinera and were great company. As part of their stay here, Tom suffered a subdural hematoma and spent two weeks at Hospital Josep Trueta. It's all in the book!

They are both writers by profession and their new book about the trip, with lots of Girona references, is now available at Amazon.co.uk. It's called The Expat Almanac: Sell it All, Pack One Bag, Hit the Road and at £3.42, that's great value! It's also available as a Kindle book but, if - like me - your Kindle account is at Amazon.com, that's where you should go!

STOP PRESS: I've noticed that it's available as a paperback on Amazon.es as well which has the advantage of lower shipping costs!