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Q: How does one join?
A: Send an e-mail to ed@ave-ntura.es with a brief description of your links to the area of Catalunya between Barcelona and the French border. Maybe you live here or have done so in the past. Or maybe you have friends here. But it can be just one sentence.

Q: What happens after I join?
A: We send you an email with a user-name (or you may wish to choose one yourself and we will check if it's available) and password. You can then change your password in your profile. This gives you access to the blog and you can start writing challenges or stories. Since this is only a small group, the user name can simply be your first name unless there are two members with the same name.

Q: What is a blog?
A: The blog is part of the main website and enables you to write "posts" much in the same way as you write in Facebook. Posts can be news, events you plan to organise, anything that may be of interest to visitors to the blog. There is also the opportunity to add comments. Only members can write posts in the blog but everything is visible to the general public. Anyone in the world can write comments but they are moderated (approved) by the administrator before being published.

Q: What do you mean by profile?
A: When you log in to the blog, you will see an option to add a new post or edit one that you have written previously. You can only edit posts that you have written and there is no time limit for making changes or deleting your post when it is no longer valid. You will also see a Dashboard and it is here that you can edit your profile, write something about yourself and change your password.

Q: Is there any cost involved?
A: No, membership is free. We don't share your information with any other organisations but, in any case, we only know your email address. But you can add something about yourself in your profile if you wish.

Q: Can anyone see my challenges and stories?
A: Yes, the whole site and the blog are visible to the general public.

Q: How is the group run? Is there a committee?
A: The group runs in a very similar way to Girona Grapevine in that it is an informal group of people with a common interest. Anything more than that attracts taxes from the Ajuntament! So there are no plans for a committee but the whole idea of the group is that members contribute ideas. So everyone has a say in how things are run.

Q: Challenges and stories?
A: The site works as follows:
Once you have your user name and password, you can log into the blog and write posts. When we have accumulated more members, you will be able to write challenges and stories directly to the website simply by logging in to the blog and then returning to the website. However, at present, all challenges and stories must be sent by email to Ed and he will place them on the website. Some people may even prefer this method but, for the moment, it's the only one! At present, there is only one "Ed", Steve, but there is no reason why we can't have more than one Ed!

Q: If I have a great idea for a story but it is not in response to a challenge.
A: Well you could cheat and reply to your own challenge but that's not really allowed! But, if you do want to publish something on the website or you have any questions, the answer is simple: send an email to Ed!

So, now we arrive at how the website functions! On the Challenges page, you will see a number of ideas for starting stories placed by Ed on 11th December. You may respond to a Challenge by writing a story and sending it to Ed with the name of the challenge. You may write a challenge by sending it by email to Ed. It can be a small number of objects; four words; a photo (what happened next) or anything that springs to mind. It will then appear on the website usually within an hour or two. Challenges will normally remain on the website for a month. You can change or remove your challenge by writing to Ed but only if it hasn't been responded to.

Generally the stories should be written as rapidly as possible as in a real writers' workshop where the leader hands out challenges to the members of the group. Don't think too hard about it! They should be between about 70 and 300 words but we are flexible about that! You may send the story as part of the content of the email or as an attachement in RTF, DOC or DOCX.

Q: What are the rules about what I can write?
A: Tricky! The obvious answer is that there is a general concensus about what is acceptable so we don't need to go into that here. I don't foresee Ed removing steamy bedroom scenes because they probably wouldn't be submitted in the first place! Those dangerous subjects of Religion and Politics: By all means write about politics and things spiritual but don't put forward an opinion or attempt to persuade the reader in your direction. Proselytism is the word, I think. But make the stories as strange and fantastic as you like - no limits there!

Q: I see Girona Grapevine mentioned a lot, what is the connection?
A: The two groups are run separately, you can join one or the other or both. The reason you see GG is because both groups are administered by the same people. The previous writers' group was linked to Girona Grapevine because Sue Crampton, who now lives in France and runs a successful writers' group there, ran both groups when she was in Girona. To join either, all you need to do is supply an email address. In the case of GG, that's all you do, we just put you on the mailing list. In the case of AVE-ntura, you are given a user name and password which enables you to write content in the blog and, later, directly onto the website. GG members also have that option on the GG website but very few take actually advantage of it!