Connecting the English-speaking community in Girona, Catalunya

We are a group of English speakers who like to get together for a chat.

Girona Grapevine

A short history

Girona Grapevine started in 1999 in Hotel Carlemany as a group of mothers with children and then it split into two. And part of that became what it is now: a weekly coffee morning for English-speakers. And because it is during the day, it attracts many expats who are retired. But then lots of other people found us on the internet and came along to say "hello".

There was a time, when someone joined Girona Grapevine, they were asked for a one-off payment of €10 but now the costs of running the website are paid by me. So therefore membership is free.

For several years we met at Hotel Carlemany, among other locations in Girona.

This website is administered by Steve Brown.You can contact me by email as below. I no longer run the group. It is organised by Michele and Ami


Updated 28th June 2021

panorama Girona Grapevine at Hotel Carlemany where we used to meet. It seems a long time ago now!



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